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Dental BRACES / teeth braces


Are your teeth not properly aligned? Do you want a perfectly straight smile? If you do not like your crowded and misaligned teeth, then braces / retainer are the perfect answer to your worries.

Types of Braces:

There are two types of braces mainly traditional braces and ceramic braces.

Conventional Braces / Traditional Braces – Conventional braces use small metal brackets attached via archwire. The pressure from the archwire pulls the teeth, align, and rotate them to set them perfectly side by side. There is a small rubber on each bracket which helps in keeping the wires in place. You can also choose the colour of the rubber to add an extra flair to your braces.

Ceramic Braces – The working of ceramic braces is similar to the traditional braces. The only difference is that brackets are made from ceramic which is similar to teeth colour. So, they blend quite well with your teeth.

How Braces can help?

  1. Braces help to align teeth
  2. Help the jaw muscles relax as bite pressure is equally divided on all teeth
  3. Properly align the crowded teeth and fill the gaps between the teeth

How to Clean Braces?

If you are wearing braces then it is important to keep good oral hygiene. If you do not take care of oral hygiene then plaque may deposit around the brackets. So, when your braces are removed you will see a prominent stain on your teeth. Here are a few important tips to remember:

  1. Brush your teeth twice
  2. Floss your teeth after every meal
  3. Invest in an electric brush
  4. Visit your dentist regularly

If you want braces to feel free to contact us. We can help you decide which braces will fit you after proper examination.

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