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We use the latest technology for smile makeovers, which allows you to see you smile even before the actual treatment starts. We use a different customized makeover smile methods, which allow you to consider different options before your treatment. Once you are happy with the expected outcome, we can start the treatment right away.

Smile Makeover Process:

Mock-up Smile – In the initial stages of your treatment we will discuss your desired outcomes. Based on your desired results, we will get a wax mock-up of your smile. It will be placed on your teeth. So, you can see what your smile makeover will look like. If you are happy with it, we will get permanent restorations, and start with the next phase of the treatment.

Smile Makeover – During this phase, we will have different sessions with you. We will remove all the temporary implants and install the permanent versions of your veneers, crowns, or bridges. So, you can have a perfect sparkling smile.

We recommend our customer to bring photos or models of their desired results during the consultation phase. It will help our team to come up with a perfect combination of different treatments to achieve your desired results.

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