Affordable Root Canal Treatment at Dominion Dental Centre

At Dominion Dental Centre we pride ourselves in using the latest technology when surgical procedures are concerned. Our dentists routinely attend courses run by specialists so they are always up to date with the latest technology. They are highly experienced and and maintain a very high standard of work. We are servicing Mt Eden, Mt Albert, Three Kings, Mt Roskill and surrounding suburbs as your local dental clinic.

Root canal treatment is one of our dentists’ expertise. At the centre of every tooth there are blood vessels, nerve fibres and connective tissue. This soft pink fleshy mass is what is called the dental ‘pulp’. The pulp lies within the pulp chamber and thin branches called root canals lie within the tooth roots. Front teeth generally have a single root and one canal.Premolars can have one or two roots meaning they can have one or two canals.

Molars or back teeth generally have three roots and can have three to four canals. This pulp/nerve tissue can die and eventually get infected and become symptomatic for multiple reasons.

Most common reasons being extensive decay on the tooth, cracked tooth or spread of infection from gum disease. Once the pulp tissue has died it must be cleaned out with proper instrumentation using the correct technique in order to preserve the tooth. This involves removing the pulp tissue and dressing the tooth with an antibacterial agent first and subsequently filling up the prepared canals with a suitable root filling material. Often two to three visits are required for completion of a root canal treatment. A permanent filling is placed on the tooth once root canal is completed.

Root treated teeth are structurally weaker and need to be protected long term by either the placement of an inlay/onlay or a crown. The dentist will discuss the best options suitable for each patient.

Antibiotics alone cannot heal the infection. If left untreated the infection would increase meaning an increase in pain and eventually a swelling would occur which can spread to the surrounding tissues and other areas of the face/neck and can be life threatening. The infection can also turn into pus (called an abscess) and can start to drain by itself. Bone surrounding the tooth roots would start to degenerate and if left long enough tooth may be lost or may not be repairable.

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